Some Amazing Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil or alternatively known as CBD oil is an incredible resource for treating a wide variety of diseases of the human body. Derived from the cannabis plant also the hemp plant, the oil contains CBD (cannabinoids) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and is taken orally. Because of the manufacturing process there is no chance of ‘getting high’ from this powerful medicine, and, believe it or not, there don’t appear to be any side effects. So what are some of the health benefits of this potent plant?

cannabis oil

Shrinking Tumours

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence claiming that cannabis oil acts as a ‘miracle cure’ for cancer. But there is also evidence of a more traditional scientific kind. Dr. Wai Liu and his team at St. George’s University in London published their study in the Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Journal. In it, they show that cannabis oil / CBD oil and cannabinoids have a powerful effect on the growth of cancer cells, especially when combined with radiation therapy. Dr. Liu describes his results as ‘very exciting’. Similar work by Peter McCormick of the University of East Anglia showed that THC dramatically affected the growth of cancer cells in the laboratory.

Healthy Heart

Anecdotes and conventional studies are also helping to accumulate evidence for Cannabis Oil’s beneficial effects on heart health. It has been proven to relax the arteries and protect the vascular system against the damaging effects of diabetes. Additionally increased blood flow has been observed in stroke patients who are given cannabis oil / CBD oil. For those with hypertension, cannabis oil could one day be dispensed by the doctor, as yet again, it shows a powerful ability to normalise blood pressure.

Stopping Seizures

Cannabis Oil with a high ratio of cannabidiol to THC has been used to successfully treat children who were suffering from seizures. One particular child, known as Charlotte, had her seizures reduce from 50 a day to only two or three night time seizures per month. She began taking cannabis oil while still on conventional drugs for epilepsy but has since been weaned off the conventional treatment. The success had lasted for 20 months at the time of a report in 2014. Recent studies in the USA of a medical grade Cannabis Oil called Epidiolex confirmed its benefits for epilepsy sufferers.

Alleviating Asthma

Perhaps surprising in something we normally associate with smoking, in oil form, cannabis also has benefits for asthma patients. Patients suffering from a steady-state asthma attack showed almost immediate increased lung capacity after being treated with delta1-THC, in a study in the late seventies. A more recent (2012) review agreed that the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids are effective in the lungs and help to open the airways.

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